Feature your properties on HotPads and Zillow.



The Zillow Rental Network connects you with renters searching Zillow, Zillow Mobile, HotPads, and Yahoo! Homes for their next apartment. In addition, featuring your properties is currently the only way for multifamily professionals to advertise on Zillow, the largest rental site on the Web1.

Your properties gain:

  • Greater exposure with 12x more leads than standard listings2
  • Priority placement in search results, so renters view your properties first
  • Preferential map treatment with special building icons, visible at all zoom levels
  • Recognition as a Verified Source builds trust with over 12 million renters each month3
  • Featured treatment on mobileas over 60% of visits come from mobile4

1 Zillow.com is largest rental site on the Web. Source: According to Zillow Inc.’s custom-defined ranking based on comScore data.
2 Featured Properties on Zillow and HotPads receive 12x as many leads compared to unpaid listings on HotPads.com. Source: Zillow Internal Analytics, August 2013.
3 12 million rental shoppers come to Zillow each month. Source: Google Analytics, August 2013.
4 More than 60% of Zillow’s visits come from a mobile device; on weekends it’s nearly 70%. Source: Google Analytics, August 2013.

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